About Mrs. Teeple

My name is Lauren Teeple (formally Ms. Loiselle),  and I am excited to be your teacher this year!  I am originally from Windsor, Ontario, Canada and to answer some famous questions, no, I have never lived in an igloo, Canadians do drive cars, and yes, Canada does have McDonald's restaurants.  My parents, Shelley and Wayne, still live in Windsor and my one and only brother, Matt, lives in Toronto and runs professionally for the Brooks marathon team.  My grandparents, Jim and Frances, still live in my hometown and I like to go home whenever I can to visit them.     
Over Christmas break I got married to a man named Rantz.  We had a small wedding of 20 people in December, followed by a huge wedding reception in July.  We now live in Concord, NC.  He currently works as an electrician and is the best person that I've ever met!

Growing up I was very interested in sports and played for a lot of teams.  My favorites were soccer, tennis, swimming, track and field, and volleyball.  I also coached two teams back at home, one high school track and field team (for six years) and a few springboard diving teams. 
 Currently I play on a co-ed recreational soccer team in CharIotte.   
I attended the University of Windsor (in Canada) and received an honors degree in Human Kinetics as well as a bachelor's degree in English Literature.  I then travelled across the river (over a bridge) every day and attended Wayne State University where I went to teacher's college.     

I moved to North Carolina in August of 2008.  This will be my third year teaching Language Arts and Social Studies at Kannapolis Intermediate School.    

Some of my favorite things include watching NFL football, music (all kinds), action movies, having fun, and teaching.  
My advice for future students is to come to class with a positive attitude - you can do anything that you put your mind to!  Just show up to class every day and we will work together to make sure that your school year is a success!   

I am looking forward to this year and I am excited to meet all of you!  See you on August 25th!!!