Purpose of Survivor Kannapolis

"Why the Survivor theme?" some of you may be wondering...Well, the Survivor theme, with being grouped into tribes, is going to make you an involved student.   When students are involved - they LEARN!  The underlying theme of the Survivor show is competition.  Competition among tribes will help build character  that can carry over into the real world (example: working with people we might not otherwise choose to), as well as a sense of community, or working with tribe-mates to successfully complete a task/challenge. To help build the sense of character and community, our program will focus on three main elements - teamwork, integrity, and pride.

We have a saying in F pod - IF YOU'RE GOING TO DO SOMETHING, DO IT RIGHT!  That's where the 3 elements come in.  Whether it be walking down the hallway, working on an assignment, or speaking to another classmates, do things the right way.  As 6th graders, we know you know the rules - what is acceptable and what is not.   You know what it means to be part of a team - hard work, doing your share, and not letting others down.  When you do something, good or bad, it means taking responsibility for it.  And when you decide to put forth the effort - anything less than your best should be a disappointment. Why waste your time and effort by not giving your all?  Survivor Kannapolis is meant to reward those who do what they are supposed to with teamwork, integrity, and pride.