What did I learn in school today?

This page is going to keep you informed of our homework policy.  While it aligns with the KIS homework policy, be sure to check your child's handbook for a more detailed explanation.  First and foremost, if homework is assigned, we feel strongly in the skill/information it is "practicing".  We will never assign homework on something we have not taught.  That is not our style, nor is it beneficial for students.  Your child should have no more than 1 hour of homework on any given night, assuming he/she uses his/her time in school productively.   While your student may not have his or her own textbook for a specific subject, they will always have notes or other worksheets that contain helpful information to complete the assignment.  If they choose to forget that at school, that is a different story! :)

Why do we give homework?  We like to give homework so we can keep you as busy as possible at home, leaving you no time to be a kid.  Just kidding!  Seriously, we will give homework for the following reasons:

1. Homework helps reinforce the things you learned in class. By spending time in the evening doing schoolwork, you are reminded of the material covered in class that day.  

2. Homework allows us to see how students are achieving in class, and whether or not we need to reteach a specific concept.  We can also identify who is struggling and give them extra help when needed.  

3. Homework is important because it teaches you critical thinking skills. When you do homework you are often forced to take the material beyond what was covered in class. You are asked to think critically about the subject - be it a reading piece, practice math problems, or questions pertaining to a science experiment.    

4. Homework is important because it helps teach students to be organized, responsible, and how to manage time.  We would like every student to learn how to make time for homework and outside of school activities, because we, as adults, are forced to do this every single day!  

We appreciate your support regarding homework's importance and completeness.  We also understand that "things" come up, and are willing to work around them, so long as they don't become a regularity.  Ultimately, homework makes up a large percentage of your overall grade - so, why not do your best on it, and give yourself an easy opportunity to be successful!