More about me...

Hello guys!

My name is Candace Curry, and I am so excited to be your 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher!

I just moved to the area from Raleigh, where I was teaching 8th grade LA/SS.  I have been married three years, and moved to Raleigh with my husband while he finished his Master's degree at Southeastern Theological Seminary. 

Before becoming a teacher I attended NC State University, and am still a faithful WOLFPACK fan! (GO PACK!)  Some of my hobbies include reading, watching movies, listening to new music (Country or Christian mostly, but pretty much anything.)  I also LOVE to scrapbook!  That is probably my favorite thing to do in my spare time.  I have done several scrapbooks for myself and other friends and family members.  My new thing is cake decorating!  My favorite show to watch this summer was "Cake Boss."  I hope to buy some fun tools and begin cake decorating soon. :)  One more random thing about me...up until this May, I had long hair...all the way down my back!  I had NEVER had my hair shorter than right below my shoulders....my whole life!  I decided to donate my hair to Locks of Love.  It was the scariest thing I have ever done, but I would do it all over again!

Enough about me....My husband's name is Justin.  He is a fun guy, with a great sense of humor, and laid-back personality.  He shares in most of my hobbies....except for the girly ones.  He is a big fan of UFC and "Man vs. Wild."  We both share in a love of the "ROCKY" and "RAMBO" movies as well!  We have two nieces and a nephew that are the most fun...the coolest kids ever!  We love to hang out with them any time we can.

Well....I guess that is just about it for me.  I am so excited about this school year, I can't wait to get to know you all as well! :)