Outthink. Outwork.  Outperform.

Welcome to Survivor Kannapolis!  Congratulations on being one of the lucky students selected for the next survivor season. And while your season doesn't take place on a remote island thousands of miles away from friends and family, you will have to withstand the pressures and responsibilities of the 6th grade at KIS!

Our Survivor program will operate similarily to the actual game show many of you are familiar with - however, we won't be eating any gross foods or wearing any swimsuits to school!  From the very first day of school you will be placed into a cooperative group, otherwise known as your tribe.  Tribes will compete against each other to accumulate the most points over an entire quarter (9 weeks) of the school year.   Points will be awarded for numerous reasons, the most common being:

                                1 - completing homework on time
                                2 - returning your Tuesday folder WITH an adult signature
                                3 - keeping a clean and organized tribal area
                                4 - working collaboratively within your tribe
                                5 - successfully completing weekly Friday Survivor Challenge contests
                                6 - positive behavior and actions that go beyond what is expected of a 6th grader.
Slow down, Turbo, don't get too excited just yet!  Just as you can see the many ways to earn tribal points, there are also ways to lose tribal points.  The easiest ways to lose points are by failing to complete homework assignments and poor behavior/judgment.  Every single member of a tribe has the opportunity to earn or lose points for his/her tribe on a daily basis!  The more active and engaged you are as a student throughout the day and week, the more likely your tribe has a chance of not only gaining easy points for doing what you are supposed to be doing, but it also increases your chances of winning the key Survivor Friday challenges. These challenges will be based on material learned in ALL four subjects over the course of that week and anything learned leading up to that point.  Challenge victories earn maximum points and will be key in determining our quarterly champions! 
Do you have what it takes to outthink, outwork, AND outperform your classmates?

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